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Design Winners Surprise the Judges

CEO Judith Kennedy and Panels Chair Lisa McGuigan were surprised and pleased with the range of winners in this year’s Australia’s Wine Industry Design Competition. They are seen here with a range of the bottles before the judging commenced. Entries from all over Australia and New Zealand were judged by three teams of judges today…

Conviction and Passion – Wines that Excite!

Argentinean Hector Durigutti is one of the first Argentinean winemakers to enter the Six Nations Wine Challenge for this year. Judge Fabricio Portelli is confident that the list he has established will again take home some trophies for his country. From the Durigutti web site: We are the family Durigutti, vine-growers and winemakers. A family…

Francis Ford Coppola Winery Enters Aussie Challenge

He is a movie icon and also a winery owner. The Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Vineyard and Restaurant are situated in 300 Via Archimedes, Geyserville, California. Mr Coppola puts it best, saying the winery is “a wine wonderland, a park of pleasure where people of all ages can enjoy all the best things in life…

Boutique Entries Begin to Arrive.

Winemaker Paul Nelson has entered his Fume Blanc, Rose and a Red Blend into the Awards this year. Paul says “My passion for winemaking began about 20 years ago when mum and dad purchased a farm in Denmark WA, which was planted to vines in order to produce wine under their own label (Nelson Touch)….

Competition Heats up as Pawn Moves!

Glamour enters the field with The Pawn Co’s entries. A large and exciting field of labels are being entered into this year’s competition. Chair Lisa McGuigan and her three teams of judges will have their work cut out next week when the judging takes place.  Visit our Image Gallery to see a wide range of…

Applications Closing

Mainfreight has flown in the New Zealand entries for Australia’s Wine Industry Design Competition arriving at OzeWine today.  Our neighbours across the creek make up approximately 20% of the entries this year and range through the classes including boutique sparkling wine and table wines from some of the biggest companies in the country. Closing date…

Eyecatchers vie for the top prize

With the closing date coming up at the end of next week there is an increase of entries into Australia’s Wine Industry Design Competition.  The large majority of labels have been designed by professional design companies as wineries strive to catch the eye of the buyer and many labels this year combine both front and…

Teusner – a Boutique Barossa Beauty!

Design entries keep flowing in and this is our pick for today! Teusner not only produces outstanding Barossa wines but are heading in the right direction – in our opinion – where their marketing is concerned. Visit them.

Napa Valley ‘Names’ Compete in the Challenge

HdV Wines have entered their highly sought-after Chardonnay into the Six Nations Wine Challenge and Dan Berger is becoming more and more hopeful of taking trophies home to the USA. “The secrets to the wines of HdV are found woven into the detritus of attributes that blend together in nature’s chaotic order.” — R. Hyde…

Love Your Label?

The closing date for the design competition, if sending direct to OzeWine Services in Botany, is 19 April. Why not enter and get the marketing benefits? Read all about it in the application form – accessible from this home page – or just to make it easy – it’s right here!  DESIGN ENTRY FORM Orlando Wines’…

New Scoring Method adopted World-Wide.

Dan Berger’s enmity has not waned toward the scoring of wines on a single-number, linear basis. Fortunately, the real meaning of this silly affectation is declining as more and more wine buyers seek to find ever more interesting, unique, and unusual styles of wine. As the importance of numbers on wine declines, it struck me…

The Innovators Keep Coming

Australia’s Wine Industry Design Competition closes prior to Easter for the entries coming from New Zealand via Mainfreight. HOWEVER entries can still be sent to the Australian Mainfreight depots until April 5.  Entries can be sent to the OzeWine depot in Botany until Friday 19th April. Email Tania for further information.     

Innovation in Design

The Mudgee and Orange regions in NSW have a name for adventurous and successful wine labels. Peter Logan’s designs took off the top prize in 2008 and has submitted two outstanding examples this year. Many designers are joining the flow of entries as they ask their clients to submit their favourite works. Sydney based War…

Please be our Friend!

Social media is all around us. When communicating with in excess of 60 wine companies in the USA recently we discovered that all but two were very active on face book. The majority of Australian and New Zealand wine companies are also active not only with face book but also tweeting and blogging. It’s the new…

A Blog Worth Blogging

Nicola Rennie is a self confessed wine label addict.  Her site is one of the most professional and interesting in Blog world and because we run Australia’s Wine Industry Design Competition we are now addicted to her site..  Here she is… “Hello, we are a community that thinks wine is to be loved, shared, tasted…

The Future of Premium Wine

Peter McAtamney of Wine Business Solutions offers just that – a few solutions for your wine business under the headings The Future of Premium Wine, Optimise Your Wine Business and The Top Ten Tips for Building a Better Wine Business. “I love wine, you love wine, we all love wine. When it comes to commenting…

Roll me in Coconut and call me Luscious!

Are you coming to the Six Nations Wine Challenge wine and food tasting this year? Lamingtons served with dessert and sparkling wines – why not! LusciousKiki Cakes creates lamingtons – but not just any lamingtons. Their lamingtons are fresh, a little unconventional and take the concept of the lamington to new heights. Located at 16…

Social Media Means Sales

We found Natalie Maclean’s methods of communication infectious and appealing to the point where we simply had to feature her on our web site. You can find the Canadian wine wiz on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google +. doing what is necessary today to attract wine sales. Her best seller Unquenchable: A Tipsy…

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