A Silver Bullet for The Wine Industry. TRY IT!

Logo - 1Amazing Wines is a serious game changer for the Wine Industry,with a multimedia, marketing system that for the first time benefits the winery, t­he retail outlet and the customer.Amazing Wines is based around texting simple codes to a mobile number. Texting the code launches the multimedia marketing platform sending instant information about the winery and their wine to a participating customer’s mobile devices, primarily smart phones.

A Winery now has a fantastic marketing tool to showcase their company and their wines to current and potential customers, anywhere, anytime.

#1 The system starts with a winery’s promotion inviting customers to text a code to the mobile number. The customer then receives information as traditional text, photos and even video direct to their phone instantly. Simultaneously the system captures their contact details which is sent to the winery for future marketing opportunities.

#2 Winemaker’s Tasting Note Videos have been developed to allow the winemaker to share his knowledge and passion about his wine with his customers.

Again a customer seeing the Amazing Wines icon on any marketing material simply texts the code to the number and instantly receive the Winemaker’s Tasting Note Video on their phone. For the Winery, every bottle of wine has become a tasting room.

#3 Direct Marketing is an optional system which the winery can use tosends messages to the client database as print, photos and even video. Perfect to promote new vintages, promotions, events, awards and specials.

A Customer seeing the winery’s promotion enters by simply texting a promotion code to the number. He will then be kept up to date with future promotions.

A customer can also receive the Winemaker’s tastings video about a particular wine by simply texting the wine’s individual code.

The Retailer can use the Lead Generator System for promotions attracting customers and automatically building their loyalty database.

The retailer then uses the optional Direct Marketing System to send messages to the client database as print, photos and even video. Perfect for flash sales, promotions, events, awards and specials.

Test the system– To view a sample promotion, simply text

WE04 to 0419 919 592  You’ll see what can be created for any promotion.

Peter Cran of Amazing Wines said, SMS is a very cost effective broadcasting system running at a fraction of the cost of what’s currently used. There’s no app to download and SMS has a success open rate with viewers of 99% as for 3% with similar e-mail style marketing.

The Amazing Wines products and services are explained in detail on the website www.amazingwines.com.au. For a price list email; admin@amazingwines.com.au