A Stockbroker’s Dream

MountAvoca-glassofwhite_thMount Avoca has entered the Boutique Wine Awards again this year with a range of their wines looking for medals.

Forty years young. Mount Avoca began with the dream of a Melbourne stock-broker who wanted a tree change 30 years before the term had been coined.

Events in the life of Mount Avoca Vineyard

1967 Fateful decision made to look for land to plant a vineyard
1969 After considerable research land purchased at Avoca
1970 First vines planted – Trebbiano, Shiraz and Semillon
1971 Planted a further 25 acres of Shiraz. These initial plantings were at the suggestion of Chateau Remy who had agreed to buy the fruit produced. At this stage MOUNT AVOCA had not made a firm decision to build a winery
1972 Planted approximately 10 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon
1973 Planted 1000 olive trees
1974-77 Production sold to Chateau Remy and Seppelts except small quantity made into wine at Mount Avoca
1978 Winery built, first commercial vintage
1979 First Gold Medal with first vintage made. Lilydale, 1978 Cabernet
1982 Planted 4 acres Sauvignon Blanc,
1984 Planted 4 acres Chardonnay
1985-87 Increased winery by 200%

Step forward 16 years…

2010 Mount Avoca celebrates 40 years in style with over 70 medals and acclaim for the Reserve and Limited edition wines.

2011 Floods and the wettest year on record wipes out the entire vintage. Only a handful of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay survives.  The excellent 2009 and 2010 vintages will need to be spread over 3 years.

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