Boutique Entries Begin to Arrive.

poluWinemaker Paul Nelson has entered his Fume Blanc, Rose and a Red Blend into the Awards this year. Paul says “My passion for winemaking began about 20 years ago when mum and dad purchased a farm in Denmark WA, which was planted to vines in order to produce wine under their own label (Nelson Touch). The whole family was very much involved in the vineyard, and it was during these formative years that I decided to begin my studies in Viticulture and Winemaking.

“After university I hopped between northern and southern hemispheres making wine for various overseas wineries, both large and small. This provided me with valuable experience with many different varieties and styles of wine, as well as an array of winemaking techniques. This was all influential in building my strongly held belief that fine wines should be crafted as to be reflective of rationality.

“Following 14 vintages, 7 countries, and meeting my wife, we decided it was time to head back to Oz and put all of that experience into practice. Setting up our own wine label has always been our goal, and in 2009 we made the first wine under the Paul Nelson label.

“I believe certain grapes should only be grown and made from regions that best showcase the variety, and with that in mind I prefer to personally select fruit from these regions. The fun part of winemaking involves much procrastination, philosophy and discussions with Bianca! I have also embarked on the Master of Wine course which has given me an even broader scope of what wine really means, and how it should be appreciated.

With that in mind I hope you find each of our wines to be a mirror of their own environment and that in each sip you find the essence of that year in time, captured in a bottle.”

Passion indeed!   Visit.