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The Judging is Over

The Six Nations Wine Challenge judging is complete. The week was very successful with all judges reporting high standards as would be expected. The new country involved the USA went away with some trophies which [...]

Why Garlic?

Well just to attract your attention actually! AND Fox Run Vineyards based in New York USA  holds a garlic festival annually AND have entered their Riesling 2011 into the SIX NATIONS WINE CHALLENGE following an [...]

South Africa Calling

South African wine has been an important part of the Six Nations Wine Challenge since its inception ten years ago. Over the decade the availability and the quality has grown in leaps and bounds and [...]

Experience is the Key

Managing a wine show and ensuring a high level of operation demands careful quality control loads of experience, professionalism, industry respect, technical excellence and a sense of humour. The whole team is carefully chosen from [...]

50 Years of Folly

Judith Kennedy went to visit the winery and found the caricature of Max Lake complete with toga, a tempting 'Kodak moment'. Lake's folly winemaker Rodney Kempe has agreed to enter their Chardonnay into the 6 [...]