Changing of the Guard

Ross Anderson has taken over full control and ownership of the Australian & New Zealand Boutique Wine Show effective 2018.

Anderson has worked in and around the Boutique Wine Show for the past 10 years – he has a long standing relationship with many of the Judges and is looking to increase the level of outbound information generated back to participating boutique wineries in Australia & New Zealand by working closely with the Judges over the 2018 season.

In 2016, Anderson took over full control of the Six Nations Wine Challenge, and the addition of the Boutique Wine Show re-unites these two truly unique international wine shows under one common management and organisational structure once again.

Said Anderson, “Im delighted to take control of the Boutique Wine Show, having worked in it for so many years. The 2018 season will be about continuing the strong traditions established, minor tweaks to improve things, building on existing relationships and increasing promotion of the participants – but not re-inventing the wheel. We have spent the past 6 weeks reviewing and fine tuning procedures – locking in existing sponsors and building new relationships. A new website and new logo have been designed and launched, and the website has been re-built and automated for ease of use and flexibility to all entrants.”

We welcome your feedback – consumers as well as boutique producers. Here  is to 2018 – the 23rd edition of the Australian & New Zealand Boutique Wine Show.



Author: Ross Anderson