Easy Chicken Pie

Chicken pieDru Reschke calls himself Top Dog and coffee Maker and is very proud to quote Len Evans when discussing his family’s Coonawarra wine company – Koonara Wines.

“….most wine authorities acknowledge that Coonawarra is Australia’s greatest red wine district, and one of the producers of great reds of the world”.  Len Evans The Complete Book of Australian Wine.

The Koonara Wines’ vineyards are naturally kept at an average of 2 ton or less an acre (no bunch selection or thinning). They believe quality is paramount in creating a wine which is not only good, but consistent and age-worthy each year.

With very similar temperatures as Bordeaux in France, Coonawarra receives less rainfall, but with a supply of high quality underground water, grape growers have an even greater control over the flavours and intensity of the grapes used in their wine.

Koonara has entered five of its wines into the Boutique Wine Awards – hoping for a medal or two!.

Read about their history, their wines, their winemaker and check out their Easy Chicken Pie recipe.  Was it easy to cook, was the chicken easy or was it just easy to drink with their pinot noir ? – you be the judge!