Eduardo Brethauer. The Wine that Makes you Smile

Eduardo best describes himself as “Wine taster, foody, traveller, writer, amateur cook and rugby lover”.   Eduardo is one of the foremost journalists in the Chilean wine industry. He is owner and Wine Editor of VITIS Magazine, the only technical and international wine magazine in Chile, and Associate Editor of several international wine magazines. He has a deep knowledge about Chilean and worldwide wines. He is always seeking out wines with character and strong identity. He is the founder and Director of Vignadores de Carignan; a unique association of producers that reinvented a viticultural tradition of more than four centuries in the Maule Valley. His goal is to rescue and give value to the old and ungrafted vines of forgotten zones in Chile which otherwise risk extinction.

Although he is afraid of planes, every year Eduardo flies across the Pacific Ocean to attend as a judge at the Five Nations Wine Challenge.  “I really love this challenge. For me it is a unique opportunity to have on my table the best wines of the Southern Hemisphere. I think the multicultural face of Sydney is the perfect scene for this meeting of wines, nationalities and friendship. Also the Five Nations is a great platform to promote the outstanding character of some of the best wines of the New World. I am very impressed with the quality of Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and red blends. Each country has much to say in these categories, expressing the different grapes in their own language and style. I am particularly proud of Chilean producers. It is really great how they are doing in terms of quality and diversity. Chile it is not any longer synonymous only with good Cabernet. Now we have a distinctive grape in Carmenère and a very strong pool of varieties where the Syrah is shinning very brightly”.

Eduardo does not like that snobbish veil that sometimes covers the wine world. For him wine is a connection to nature, people and their stories. “Wine is simple and fun. It is an opportunity to travel and taste different cultures and to have great and sometimes deep conversations. I always suspect perfection. The best wine is not the biggest or the most expensive, complex or balanced. It is just the wine that makes you smile”.