Entries Flowing in for the Competition.

Caudo Cabernet Sauvignon 2012Another new entry into Australia’s Wine Industry Design Competition, Caudo Wines was once a successful rose farm and the wines are named after the varieties that were grown there.  Mediterranean Fiesta is just one of the labels they have entered in the hope of winning a trophy or at the very least to receive good coverage in the results magazine.

Located on the Murray River, Joe and Christine Caudo’s property is comprised of three different zones. The bulk of the vineyard covers 400 acres overlooking the river. A further 300 acres of adjacent desert and dune country interspersed by bush land was planted with vines in 2001. The remaining 150 acres of low-lying flood plain at the river’s edge is kept as a wildlife sanctuary, designed to help save the Murray and preserve its delicate ecology. With an average of 300 sunshine days a year and a pollution-free environment, the region provides ideal conditions in which to grow grapes.

The Caudo’s state-of-the-art vineyard showcases leading edge vineyard development, which is shown in the wines produced there and the exceptional quality of the fruit.

The property embraces the very best viticultural practices, while also understanding the importance of the conservation of both natural wildlife and faunae.

The vineyards are found in the Riverland region in South Australia, a vital area for Australia’s wine production and worldwide reputation. This region is one that continuously contributes to our export success and worldwide recognition for producing wines that are consistently at a high level of quality and most importantly affordable.

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