2019 Australian & New Zealand Boutique Wine Show Wine Award Entry Form & Boutique Wine Design Awards Entries

Welcome to the 2019 entry page for both the ANZ Boutique Wine Show & the ANZ Boutique Wine Design Awards. You can enter both competitions from this single entry page below.

Closing date for stock into Sydney has been extended to Wednesday 4th September 2019

ANZ Boutique Wine Show Judging commences Wednesday 11th September and concludes Friday 13th September 2019.


Please click on the headings below in orange and read each of the instructions very carefully as they will assist you with your submission.

We suggest following the points below in numerical order.
To submit a wine for the ANZ Boutique Wine Show Judging, y
our estate must be a Boutique Wine Producer. Boutique producers are classified as: 

Independently owned & operated (not part of a large multinational) Wineries that crush 250 tonnes of grapes or less.

Tick one of the 19 Wine Class boxes below (i.e. Sparkling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz etc).

Each class ticked will open up a single line entry within that class.  Enter the requested information as appropriate. Note that some of the fields are optional and some are mandatory. Please complete as much information as possible.

What is this? To qualify for the Estate Grown and Produced Trophy, the grapes of the specific wine being entered need to have been grown on the Estate, picked, bottled and made on site by the winemaker. If you qualify, please select “YES” option here.

4.  If the wine being entered into the Judging has some amazing packaging, design elements or eye catching artwork, and you want to have this judged in a separate competition, then tick the “YES” option. An additional $24 will be added for every wine submitted into the Design Awards.
Note that we also require an additional bottle for all Design Entries – These two Judging’s happen independent of one another and at different locations. Accordingly, if you are entering a wine into both Wine Show and Design Awards, we require 4 units to be sent to Sydney.

5.  To add additional entries per class, select the last button labelled “Add another entry”. It automatically opens up another input box within the same class.

6.  Enter more and pay less per entry!  We have introduced 3 entry tiers this year: 1-3 entries = $75 per entry; 4-8 entries = $65 per entry; 9+ entries = $55 per entry. Be sure to add entries into the Wine Design Awards using this form at discounted rates ($24 per entry).

7.  Reminder: Each single entry requires a minimum of 3 bottles of wine.
This means if you have 4 entries to be judged in the Boutique Wine Show, we require 4 entries x 3 bottles = 12 bottles total. Furthermore, if you are entering the Design Awards too, we require an additional 1 bottle per entry (3 for Boutique Wine Show; 1 for Design Awards). No refunds will be issued for entries where the minimum number of bottles required has not been adhered to.

Once you have entered all necessary data, scroll to the bottom of the form, read through the Terms and Conditions, tick to accept, and then submit payment in full via credit card. You have an option to “save the form” and return. Once payment has been successfully processed, you will be emailed an invoice. Please ensure that samples are packed and dispatched to Sydney without delay.

About the Show

This show was established in 1996 by the Association of Australian Boutique Winemakers Inc., in order to give the boutique winemakers the opportunity to win trophies and medals even if they have very small quantities of the wine commercially available.

The Judges:
Huon Hooke (Chairman), Toni Paterson MW, Gary Baldwin, Peter Leske, Nick Butler, Andrew Thomas, Mike De Iuliis, Celene Rousseau & Andrea Pritzker MW.

The show is open to Australian and New Zealand boutique wine companies. The maximum tonnage for any wine company entering is 250 ton in order to keep the show truly ‘Boutique’. The company must be independently owned that is, not owned by a large commercial entity.

There are 19 Classes and the entry requirements do not look for any particular vintages or price points.  The classes are simply described by variety and the aim is that you enter your best wine. Wine of Show is celebrated and there is a special Estate Grown and Produced trophy for one of the trophy winners who literally ‘goes it alone’ with no outside help at all.

Freight Options

Download and print out your Freight Delivery Labels for your region.

Send Direct to Sydney
Send Direct to Auckland [NZ Wineries]