Greatness or Drain Cleaner?

‘A New View of Great’.

Go back 50 or 100 years and read some of history’s early wine writers’ comments on

the wines they were consuming. Now look at what passes for wine writing in most areas of the print media today. The differences have long been obvious, but until a few months ago I didn’t really understand what it all meant.

This past February, about the time of our 16th anniversary publishing this rag, I began to realize how radically different those earlier writers were from today’s writers. But putting it into words was next to impossible. It was so much a feeling more than a fact.

Then a few weeks ago, while standing in a cold, moist winery in Mendoza, I was talking with a young wine maker who never spoke a word about the quality of his wines, either in a positive or pejorative sense. It was then that I realized what was up.                           Read the whole article                                 November Newsletter