Hit Your Target Market

marty-self-portraitDo a Google search for graphic design and you will get about 1,960,000,000 results…  Do a Google search for ‘freelance designer Martin Widholm’ and you’ll get the designer who designed this web site and all of our marketing materials.

Our friend Marty says “To hit your target market you need to take a strategic approach to your marketing and decide upon a uniform ‘look’. Be consistent and develop that look across all your marketing materials – business cards, brochures, folders, packaging, websites, etc. This consistency will project a professional image and help with brand identification and awareness.  Keep it consistent!”

Marty offers the following services at very modest prices!
Website Design. Graphic Design. Packaging Design. Desktop Publishing. Flash Animation. Illustration. Flyers. Brochures. Logo Design. Stationery Design. CSS. HTML. Joomla. WordPress. Magento. jQuery. Javascript. InDesign. Photoshop. Illustrator. Email Marketing… just about everything digital with the exception of Microsoft Word… unless he really has to.

Marty gets 10 out of 10 for quality of work, service, attitude and being able to keep to a schedule.  Just don’t ask him to do something today!  Give him at least two days notice and he’s sweet.

AND… unlike many designers he doesn’t even need to be told where to put the apostrophes!

 Contact Marty on 02 9970 8167 and see his portfolio.