Let’s Hear it from the Winemaker

Turkey Flat Back (2).jpegThis Turkey Flat  label has just been entered into the Label Design Competition and along with it came the story of the wine.

“Let me introduce you to Gobble:Gobble – our new, once-off, small batch wine

Over at the Schulz’s house (about 200m from the winery) there is a young block of shiraz, planted on an ideal terroir, fill over a floodplain with an easterly aspect. The block is densely planted (for the Barossa, at 2’500 vines/ha), trellised at 50cm and has been dry-grown for the five years of its life.The vineyard defies logic, in that despite being young and dry-grown, it survives in the heat very well. So well, in fact that it struggles to get ripe, despite the extremities of the Barossa Valley floor.

So, vintage 2013 rolled around, I waited… and I waited… and waited until finally testing gave me the thumbs up and I got our faithful vineyard crew to go through and hand pick this fruit. Having the luxury of hand-picked fruit in the winery, and feeling experimental, I decided to ferment some of this fruit whole bunch. Actually, after adding a little bit more, and a little bit more, this portion ended up being 100%. Pondering over them as they lay limp below in the open fermenter, I decided to have a look at what we would be crushing over the next day or so… My favourite block of Grenache. This Grenache, from out near Lyndoch, has oodles of fruit (for which the Barossa is renown) but also a substantial lick of tannin, quite unparalleled by any other I have seen from our region. A great match for my whole bunch Shiraz. So, in went a portion of crushed fruit where they contentedly went about fermentation together. The Shiraz providing colour, bright aromatics, tight acidity from the youthful vines and some peppery goodness from the stems. The Grenache contributing to the all-important mid-palate fruit and layers the tannin profile.

Happy with the result I put down the wine down to barrel, cheekily throwing in one new barrel generally reserved for the best Shiraz. Winter came and went, and honestly I didn’t think much more of it. Sulphur testing rounds in October re-introduced this beauty to me, the wine was delicious! It was crunchy, slick and juicy. Immediately I knew it would be a shame for it to be lost amongst the blend. Christie agreed this wine deserved its own time in the spotlight, its chance to shine. Given the green light, I did a bench trial to see how much new oak would work for the final blend (about 25%) and we set to work bottling a tiny batch of 40 cases and creating an identity and a label (now that’s quite a story unto itself)

Gobble:Gobble is a wine, and therefore best enjoyed with food and friends. What food? I don’t mind, but preferably not on a sweltering day (like we have just seen) as the wine may heat up and lose the subtleties that lie within.

I hope you enjoy the wine as much as I do.

Mark Bulman, Turkey Flat Winemaker”