Longview’s Radical View towards Label Design

Longview Shiraz 2010The Piece Shiraz is a killer combination of original, limited-edition street art, rare premium Shiraz and radical design.

Born from Longview Vineyard’s “Piece Project” event in January 2011 and continuing annually, Longview invites 4 street artists to compete for their art to become the label of this premium single-vineyard Shiraz.

They have 5 hours to create a 3.6 x 2.4 aerosol mural, which is judged at the end of the day, then immortalised on the bottle.

Daring to re-invent the way a premium wine package can look and the way a food and wine event can feel, Longview boldly offers a sensory explosion of wine, art, food, dance and music, then delivers a collectible product that changes with every vintage.

Over the years more than 4,000 people have come to the vineyard to witness creation as these modern art masters craft individual pieces that unfold before their eyes as they stroll through the most amazing vineyard scenery the Adelaide Hills has to offer. All accompanied by bouncing beats and the smell of slow cooked BBQ!

So far, Longview has released 2008 and 2009 vintages of The Piece Shiraz with 2010 to follow in a few months and the art for 2012 locked in at yet another successful event this past January.

For more information about the wine, the art and the event out of which this concept comes, please see this.