Look, Look and Look Again!

Class-7-Bottle-shotWhat is it that catches your eye when purchasing a bottle of wine?  Looking for a Sauvignon Blanc? Maybe this one from Plantagenet in Mount Barker? Cabernet…which one?.  A white wine – will the label fall off in the ice bucket? Yes region is important, maybe the vintage depending on your budget but when there is a choice and you are not seeing a familiar favourite how do you choose?  Which colours do you pick off the shelf or out of the fridge when you are in a hurry? Amusing themes? Glamour? Something that looks like something else that you enjoyed? Can you pick it up and how does it feel?  Does that matter and do you go for simplicity?  Penfolds is simple so maybe that’s best?  Will it look great on the dinner table and impress friends? Does any of that matter?

Well all of these things are given consideration by the winemakers and their marketing advisers …that is if they have any.  Of course the big companies do however many boutique wine companies design their labels in-house.  Sometimes it’s mum and dad owners who make the decisions and we think the designs are getting better and better every year.

In some instances design companies working with winemakers are achieving ranges of great art to enhance sales opportunities. There are hundreds of terrific  examples of the faces of bottles on this web site.  simply go to the Results drop down and have a look at the 2012 Results Book.

Australia’s Wine Industry Design Competition 2013 is now open to all wine companies in Australia and New Zealand. The application form is on the home page!