Méthode champenoise in the Napa

uncorked_heritageThe famous U.S. sparkling wine producer Mumm has been invited to enter their product into the Six Nations Wine Challenge this year. Wine judge Dan Berger is hopeful of it taking out the trophy!

Winemaking at Mumm Napa begins with a rich history

In 1979, the legendary French Champagne house of G.H. Mumm began its quest to find the ideal wine growing area in the U.S. The sensitive project was awarded to Guy Devaux who had more than 40 years experience creating fine still and sparkling wines in France, South America and the U.S.

For four years, Devaux quietly crossed America, surreptitiously buying grapes and small lots of wine he considered prime. His only rule was to find a terroir where he could create wine from the traditional Champagne grapes and use only the highest quality production process, méthode champenoise.

Ultimately, Guy Devaux found his prize in the Napa Valley. The area could provide consistently good fruit in an optimum grape growing climate. The long hot days and cool nights could foster the perfect ripeness and balanced acidity.

The winery he established, Mumm Cuvée Napa, was completed in 1986 embracing all the classic techniques and theories that were invented in Champagne three centuries ago.  While Monsieur Devaux passed away in 1995, the winery remains fully dedicated to his pioneering spirit.

Mumm Napa today

Today, Champagne-born master winemaker Ludovic Dervin leads the way, using his international experience to craft balanced, distinctive wines in the acclaimed méthode traditionelle.

Continuing the long tradition of handcrafted wine, each cluster of grapes is carefully selected and transported in small baskets. The harvest is then gently pressed using only the first, most pure, pressing to go into our sparkling wines. To ensure character in the style of méthode champenoise, every bottle is fermented separately. And, equally important, our grapes are still sourced entirely from Napa Valley.