Rain, wind, heat, repeat


New entries for the Wine Show are still coming in; the latest from Geograph, WA.

It’s been the wettest, coldest Summer anyone can remember.  Usually by this time of year the vines are the only swathe of colour in a dry, dusty valley. But after heavy rainfalls in February the paddocks are green again. The kangaroos and cows are loving it. And so are the grapes. Fantastic looking fruit and some of the best yields we’ve seen for a few years. Harvest is about three weeks later than usual with Bastardo first off the ranks as always.

Mazza Wines specialises in growing Spanish and Portuguese grape varieties in the South West of Western Australia. Tempranillo, Touriga, Bastardo, Tinta Cão, Graciano, Sousão – many people have never tried any of these varietals before and are unsure where to start. We are now offering mixed six packs so you can try all of the Mazza wines for $135 including free delivery anywhere in Australia.
Read more:   https://www.mazza.com.au

Author: Judith Kennedy

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