Sven is Back for Another Trophy!

Sven Bruchfeld, winemaker and co owner of Polkura wines, standing on the yellow rock that is called Polkura in Mapuche2012 saw Polkura winning the top Syrah trophy in the Six Nations Wine Challenge and they are back again this year with the same wine – a different vintage – trying for the same trophy – but with the USA adding its strength to the Challenge and all of those wonderful Shiraz entries from the other four countries who knows?

Their winemakers Sven Bruchfeld and Gonzalo Muñoz; two men on a mission to craft Chile’s best Syrah, driven by a life-long passion for the grape and a belief that the Colchagua Valley in Chile could be the next great terrior for this variety. They established vineyards in the valley very recently, planting 12 hectares of Syrah in 2002. By Chilean standards this was to be a tiny, almost boutique style of operation with a production of fewer than 5,000 cases a year across their range. In a short space of time the wines have risen to the top ranks of Syrah being produced in Chile today, Sven and Gonzalo are setting the standard for others to follow.

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