Two Boutique Wine Awards Trophies this Year!

Top of the class for Fortified with their Grand Rutherglen Non Vintage Muscat plus the Estate Grown and Produced trophy (which recognises boutique companies doing all the work without outside assistance) this outstanding company demonstrated yet again its strength and quality.

Stanton & Killeen Wines in Rutherglen, Victoria, is a shining example of strength and endurance in the wine industry.  Established as winemakers in 1875 they have provided not just the region but the nation with quality produce for over 130 years;encompassing seven generations.  With a history of hard work and vision, the company survived the phylloxera outbreak in the early part of 1900 then the great depression of the early thirties. They then went on to grow the business to contribute invaluably to the history of the wine industry in Rutherglen.  Today they continue to retain a solid foothold in the wine industry with their wines in high demand and high regard.  When visiting the Cellar Door, a sense of pride and vibrancy emanates throughout the complex.  It is clear this solid family enterprise, under the direction of Wendy Killeen CEO and her children, Simon and Natasha, are on a journey to inspire, fulfill and enrich the experience of those who encounter the Stanton and Killeen brand. Visit the winery.

 Image: Simon Killeen relaxing in the vineyard.