Unforgettable Napa. Breathtaking Boutique Riesling

BouchainewineThis outstanding Napa producer has been invited to enter their Riesling into the Six Nations Wine Challenge to be judged in Sydney in August.

A left turn. Sometimes that’s all it takes. And suddenly a simple wine-tasting weekend has become a voyage of discovery. Less about imbibing and more about exploring. About finding yourself surrounded not by crowds, but by viticultural adventurers and winemakers more interested in sharing a bottle than presenting it. We like to think of our winery as a refuge for people who, like us, never stop looking for those unmarked roads that lead to unforgettable places and experiences.

So come. Get off the beaten path. Find a seat in Dee’s Garden.  Enjoy the breathtaking Carneros countryside. And begin to rethink what the Napa Valley wine experience is all about.

At Bouchaine, the desire to explore new paths is deeply rooted in our approach to our vineyards and winemaking. This insatiable curiosity drives us to continually expand our horizons and enrich all facets of Bouchaine. It encourages every member of our team to challenge assumptions. Without cynicism, but with conviction and passion. New ideas are always welcome. New methods explored. Simply staying current is not enough.  We continually seek new ways to achieve our ideal of sustainability and balance — in our vineyards and our vintages. Ultimately, our goal is simple but ambitious: to ensure that every Bouchaine vintage, from vine to bottle to palate, is never, ever ordinary. For the whole story visit the web site: Bouchaine.com