What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?Well there’s Fox Creek; Upper Gum Tree; Ten minutes by Tractor; Kangaroo Valley; Farmer’s Daughter; 3 Drops; Fuddling Cup; 5 Blind Mice; Mosquito Hill; Wanted Man; Five Sons; Devil’s Lair; Wild Geese; Bogie Man; Wombat Crossing; Brave Goose; God’s, Goaty, Silk  and Christmas Hill; Smallfry and Small Gully and then there’s Bonking Frog!

So where do these names come from? Where do the ideas come from and how effective are they? What does brand building really mean? All wine companies are in the business of building a brand as the way to sell their product and they usually start with the label. A million dollar winery, all those grapes but how do they sell it?

In 2003 The Label Design Awards were born and they have now grown up into the big kids’ arena as Australia’s Wine Industry Design Competition.

In 2013 the Competition is open to Australian and New Zealand wine companies of all sizes.  There is a boutique class for the little guys; a big class for the big guys and an open class so that the boutique players can give the industrial players a run for their money in the same sand patch.

Entries open February 4. There are both electronic and hard copy forms.  Emails will be sent out and there will be a launch here on this web site in an easy to use format.  Grapegrower and Winemaker is sponsoring this year so the information will be all over the place!

CCL Clear Image and OzeWine Services are back as sponsors along with Mainfreight, Stolze and Keystone.

More on this later