Wignalls up for More Medals

Founder Bill Wignall passed away many years ago and left behind him the legacy of successful pinot noir production when it was still a very hard variety to produce successfully in Australia.
Today his son Rob is at the helm and still making medal-winning pinot.
Rob writes “At the very heart of any visit to a winery and vineyard is the Cellar Door experience, and so it should be.

As a frequent visitor, it’s a chance to catch up with old friends, behind and on the tasting desk and to fullfil your longing for new released vintages and varieties.

If you are a new Visitor, then we’d like to think your expectations and anticipation, as you drive up, heart pounding in your chest and your palate eager, will be exceeded beyond your wildest dreams. 

We, and many of our valued Clients think our wines are THAT good!

If you are not already on your way, you should be!”

Rob has entered several varieties into the boutique Wine Awards this year.  https://www.boutiquewines.com.au

Author: Judith Kennedy

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